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PostSubyek: ANGER AND PAIN   Fri Dec 18 2009, 16:42

Anger arises as a protection against pain.
If somebody hurts you, you become angry as a protection of your being against pain.
So every pain is suppressed by anger- layers and layers of anger on top of pain.

Continue working on anger , and suddenly any moment you will feel the ange3r has disappeared -
that you are becoming sad, not angry.

The climate will change from anger to sadness, and when it does you can be certain that now your are close to pain ;
then the pain will erupt.

It just as if we dig a hole in the earth to make a well.
First we have to remove the earth and many layers of stone, and then the water comes up.
At first it is not clean water, is is muddy; then by and by cleaner sources become avaiable.
First anger will come and it has many layer, like earth.
then sadness will come like muddy water, and then pain. clean , pure pain - will be available.
And pure pain is tremendously beautiful, because it will give you another birth immediately.
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PostSubyek: Re: ANGER AND PAIN   Sat Dec 19 2009, 09:06

so don't be angry it will not hurt / pain. swt4 swt3
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